The selection standard of pack is BASE

Check if the BASE is 100% composed with natural substances.
If nonwoven is included, even white natural pure cotton isn’t able, right? How about bleach?

  • Does it fit with
    WELL-BEING trend?

  • Is it pure-natural
    material product?

  • Is it eco-friendly product, and convenient to use?

Differentiation of miSKIN

Base substance composed with perfect food material

Exclude nonwoven, alcohol, chemical material

Convenient use with excellent adsorption capacity

Excellent beauty benefit by natural cosmetic

Our own natural pack by world’s first bio-tech polymer technology
Provides moisture, nutrient, soothing, elasticity and cooling at once

  • 01Our natural pack, which is developed with high-tech polymer technology, is water-soluble product that decomposes naturally in water, so it condenses & gels the natural essence ingredients.
  • 02By putting it on the skin, the nutrients from natural ingredients in the mask are absorbed into the skin, and the pack becomes thinner.
  • 03We can prove this through the mask melting inside the water after putting it inside the boiling water above 80℃ and stir it.
  • 04It makes the skin moist, soft and elastic in short time by providing moisture, nutrient, cooling, elasticity at once.

High-tech Bio Technology

GEL PACK Dissolution Test

Put used mask pack in the hot water
Dissolved mask pack by hot water transforms to essence!

Comparing demonstration with nonwoven pack (Checking dissolution)

  • Can judge and prove visually that it can be absorbed to skin
  • Super simple and fast

By experiencing yourself, you can know for sure.
Excellent product miSKIN is recognized for its public confidence and safety.

  • Diamond Hydrogel Pack

    Nonwoven sheet pack

    Comparing Diamond Hydrogel Pack vs Nonwoven pack

  • Before


    Measuring moisture after using Gel Mask Pack

  • Gel Mask Test by watching thermal camera

  • Before


    Before/after skin cooling test

Clinical Test Result

Shows excellent application, moisturizing ability, cooling effect (Gel Mask & Gel Eye Patch)