• Headquarter R&D

    Director of High-tech Polymer :
    Kim Young Koo, Ph.D of Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology and 3 others

  • Industry-university cooperation R&D

    Song Won Seob, professor of Department of Horticulture, Sunchon National University and others Cho Hyun Woo, Ph.D in Resource Plants Science of Jeonnam National Development Institute of Korean Medicine and others Industry-university cooperation with Jeju Techno Park & Jeju University

  • Design Development

    Kim Yoon Bae, Professor & Dean of Department of Art and Industrial Design, Daejin University
    Graduated Hongik University Graduate School of Fine Arts Art advisory committee of 1988 Seoul Olympic Advisory and judging advisory of world art competitions in other countries

Certified Technology

Development history of pack (Nonwoven>Gel Pack)

Develop creative & excellent product

Breaking outdated nonwoven concept which is artificial and chemical
Eco-friendly, new concept natural Gel Pack that dissolves in water/Groundbreaking and unique development-Construct advancement of beauty technology